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Your Family Rocks!

Your Family Rocks is a unique game that puts your family memories at the center of a 6 player board game. It is the first your-photos-into-cards board game where your photos play the central role, influencing your strategy, your score, your control over pieces, and in the end, how the game plays out.


We will collect your photos, transform them into real cards and deliver the game right at your doorstep, ready to be played.


You will be playing your photos by making use of the elements that appear on them to go through different dynamics. This makes you the creator of your own game - a deck of cards with the photos you choose to have.


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Ludyo is a three years old project with ambitious dreams. By intercepting the photography and tabletop gaming world, we aim to explore the your photos-into-cards concept where we see plenty of room for creative new ways of playing tabletop games.


Tabletop games are a marvelous way of bringing people together to share experiences. We hope that, by playing their past memories, people will strengthen their future relationships. This is our yellow guiding star.

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