Don’t just look at your photos... play them!

Family is one of the best things in life, so we have created a game that aims to gather your family around a table and bring life back to family photos!

What is it?

We present you Your Family Rocks!, a new tabletop game that you play with your own photos! This is the first “your-photos-into-cards” board game where your photos play the central role in the game, influencing your score, strategy, control over pieces, and how the game plays out.

The contents of your photos are now fair game – you are the creator of your own board game!

How do I get one?

What reviewers think of it?

"For years I was wondering when somebody would try to combine print on demand with a game...this game is that!"
"If you ever want to play your family album, this game totally succeeds to's super cool"

Eduardo Baraf

"Your Family Rocks is a unique game that puts your family memories at the center of a 6 player board game"
"There's something special about having your photos show up on the table when playing a game"

Ryan Gutowski

I will likely purchase this game as gift for those I love. It is easy enough, deep enough and varied enough to keep anyone involved.
Your Family Rocks is a unique game that is both original and capitalizes on your own family experiences.

Dave Merrell

"I really love the game! I see this being a huge hit for family nights, family reunions, etc."
"Our own photos take the game to a whole new level of fun"

Jim Wittwer

How to play?

The game unfolds over different dynamics about family memories (photos). The better the players perform on these dynamics, the more Family Time they will earn. As in real life, it takes time to raise a family, so players will use their Family Time to bid for different Wishes: Traditions, Homes, Parties and Gifts. Each Wish is worth Prosperity Points and at the end of the game the person with the most Prosperity Points wins!

We have designed Your Family Rocks! to be easy to learn and hard to master, so that you have long hours of entertainment guaranteed and never two plays alike!

Which photos should I choose for my deck?

Our best advice is: variety! Don’t just pick “say cheese” moments, as these can limit your choices in the game – instead try to vary the situations, people, places and even expressions! You might even include infographics, memes, filtered photos, professional shoots… it goes as far as your imagination allows. If you’re like us, you probably have tons of photos on your phone, hard drive, SD cards and even in boxes. Time to dust them off, we say. Let’s play them!

Available versions

Normal version

I want to select and upload the photos for the game

69.99 59.99Add to cart

Gift version

I want to give it to someone who will select the photos

69.99 59.99Add to cart


Just to make sure I got it: it’s my photos turned into real cards, right? MY photos?

Yes, you got it right, choose the photos you want. We will turn them into real game cards and ship the game to your doorstep.

In the Gift version, the person I gift the game needs to pay anything?

No. The price you pay includes all fees, nothing else will be charged.

Can I order additional decks?

Ordering additional decks is not possible at the moment but will be in the near future.

Why don’t you ship to my country?.

We will gradually increase the countries we ship to. We need to make sure we cover all the legal, logistics and capacity procedures before opening to more countries.

What is the minimum age?

The standard version of the game is for 10+ years olds. However the rulebook explains a simple version which can be played with 8+ years olds.

Can it be played with friends?

Yes! There is a lot of fun while playing with friends as they make different connections and interpretations than the family members.

Are my photos safe?

Yes. All uploaded photos are encrypted before storing in our server and permanently deleted after a given period (deck has been shipped) or when the user deletes them.

What is the language of the game?

The game is language neutral, meaning there is no text on the game components. This means that, if you are playing with kids they won’t have to read any text. The rulebook (in English and Portuguese for the moment) explains how the game is played.

How many photos does each deck have?

Each deck has exactly 60 photos. No more, no less. This is a number that guarantees a great balance between the variety of plays and the maximum number of players.

Let’s celebrate families and their stories!

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